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宾州化学类公司招项目管理project management

公司在Bristol PA, 职位描述如下,感兴趣的请发简历至

Job Description:

-Work closely with US lab and Partner Project Management, QC and Customer Service to update project status to customers. Deliver clear and accurate status for chemistry and technical issues, as well as professional and convincing explanations for problems and delays.

-Daily update Catalog Database with new supplier, competitor, chemistry and other information, adjust product list price based on technical and marketing changes, fix errors in the database.

-Work with partners to organize and format product updating files and import the files into Catalog Database.

-Perform monthly and quarterly major updates on Catalog Database.

-Assure online catalog database updated on daily bases.

-Prepare and send catalog update files to customers, distributors and commercial product platforms weekly and quarterly.

-Optimize catalog database management by new coding and process.

-Other duties assigned by management.

Job Qualifications:

• BS or MS in Chemistry-related majors with 1-3 years’ experience or PhD in Chemistry

• Ability to communicate both verbally and in written.

• Ability to work well within a team setting and independently.

• Ability to work with people remotely

• Ability to work under certain stressed timeline

• Service mind oriented and ability to manage challenges from customers both internally and externally

• Excellent skill with Microsoft Office and ChemOffice

• Knowledge of VBA or Python.


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