How to choose a new bike || 如何選擇一輛新的自行車

How to choose a Brand new road bicycle.

If want to buy a brand new bicycle, what major thing you have to look? Which bike will better for road biking. Very good question. Before buying any road bike you have look about that bikes pros and cons, You can look on frame and fork materials . You can get better idea about that bike in buyer review section , look on FAQ section also. This the common thing you have to look before buying any bicycle from online store.    
If you want to buy that bicycle from offline store, I mean you are going to buy cycle from your local market then you have to look on materials, Comfort of riding etc.

My Top Three Recommend Bicycle For New Cyclist Is:

Those Three bike have different facilities and opportunity for biker. All those bike comes with mostly assemble and you have to minor assembling before going for a comfortable riding. Aluminum frame made those bike more strong and longer lasted than any other road bicycle.  
There are huge different between aluminum frame ,carbon frame and steel frame. Watch this video to Know details about cycle frame...

I have shared my personal opinion here. I am hobby biker and not a bicycle technical engineer or anything like that. But I think A a experience cyclist Can help a beginner cyclist to get his / her desired bicycle. Thank you Guys. Looking for hearing from you.  
Please your share Thought and experience here. As a experienced biker you have to help new cyclist to choose best bicycle for his/her awesome and comfortable riding.Thank's in advance.